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Improved storage and docs: 4.17

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Benjamin Alan Jamie
BlogHedhje në qarkullim
18 Prill 2023

Time flies and the new Weblate version is out. Much work has been done on 4.17, so let’s take a look at the highlights!

The number one hit for all – users and server admins – are definitely performance and storage improvements. Results are pretty wild, with storage requirements cut in half in some cases, mostly with metrics. This with some other tweaks delivers smiles to many translators as they no longer experience the occasional click-and-wait routine.

Such extensive changes take some time during the upgrade. If you want to reduce downtime, check upgrade instructions for a cool tip.

Another gift for admins is the improved Sentry integration for performance monitoring. It will now look like a nice TV channel of continuous great news with performance improved that much.

A pleasant view that everyone can enjoy, not just a specific user group, is the improved look of Weblate documentation. Check the latest changelog there and come back here. It not only looks more fancy and offers dark-mode, but also upgrades the readability and overall orientation. 

As look is not what matters first, but what’s inside, there are many tune-ups and additions to the content with file formats articles being the showcase. Once you’ll be reading this book, feel free to contribute or improve it by clicking the pencil icon in the top-right corner; it’s right next to the dark-mode button. You can also contribute to translations and follow the role model of languages like Ukrainian! Buttons for changing the language are at the end of the docs side menu.

Security growth is not forgotten either, Ed25519 SSH keys are now supported to provide options and follow the best practices. And that’s all the most shiny work this time.

If you got here thanks to Mastodon, be sure to boost us there. If you want to share your appreciation in your own words, don’t forget to mention the Weblate account or hashtags #YourSoftwareYourLanguage or #Weblate.

As always, 4.17 is already running on Hosted, where you can contribute to many lovely libre projects or add yours, as well as start a commercial one.

Extended support subscribers will receive their upgrade soon, together with members of a growing community of Dedicated instance owners. Get your own Weblate server too, or ask our team anything Weblate. Be sure to follow the notes if you upgrade yourself!

Suppose you want to discuss anything with the community, you’re very welcome. You can also give back to the community and answer others’ questions.

Have a lovely day while Weblating!