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New Weblate: 3.10.1

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Benjamin Alan Jamie
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09 Janar 2020

We released the first version of Weblate in 2020, a minor one with number 3.10.1.

As we didn’t want to settle with just bugfixes (data migration issues), we also added support for Django 3.0.

Other improvements are on the side of improved breadcrumbs in changes log, translations listing on the Dashboard, and you can also customize your security.txt file now.

Outside the frontend, we improved the performance of data cleanup, HTTP responses for webhooks, and you can now create the translation using API.

You can find the full 3.10.1 changelog in Weblate’s documentation.

If you like 3.10.1, tell the world! Did you find a bug in this bugfix release? It is possible; every software has bugs! Please, tell us so we can smash it instantly! If you want help with an upgrade or anything, look on our premium support options.

We wish you smooth localization!