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Nice and compact: 4.12

Benjamin Alan Jamie

Nice and brief, that is 4.12.

Don’t believe it? Check the changes listed in the documentation and read on!

New things and significant changes:

  • Improved TM management with the option to re-create the translation memory. Flush it and create a new, clean one from current translations; with a click of a button.
  • Are you sure with your translations and don’t want to be bothered by checks? Testing something? Turn them off by using an ignore-all-checks flag.
  • The pseudolocale generation addon has new parameters available. Teach your app to speak better nonsense!
  • Gittea users can now enjoy pull request support.

Fixes? Not much was found broken this time, so:

  • Additional comments in Fluent files.
  • Rare condition related server timeouts.
  • Several UI rendering glitches.

I told you it’s a friendly version. Out now, so if you like to try it right ahead, do so on Hosted, translate some lovely libre project there, add your own, or start a commercial project.

Extended support subscribers are receiving their upgrade these days, and a growing list of Dedicated instance owners are enjoying it already. Get your own Weblate server too, or ask our team anything Weblate.

If you want to discuss anything with the community, you’re very welcome. You can also tell the world how much you like Weblate on Twitter.

Have a great day!