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Weblate achievements in 2020

Ndajeni me të tjerë
Benjamin Alan Jamie
01 Janar 2021

The year 2020 ended. Many people say finally, but many good and excellent things happened this year, too. So let’s take a look at this Weblate year.

Releasing every other month, we delivered six major releases. And as we are detail-oriented and also don’t want to leave paying customers waiting for their desired feature day more, eleven minor versions came in between. This lovely sixteen bring many features and improvements; check the ones that are the most popular:

  • Localization CDN brings Weblate to the new userbase.
  • Do you know that every day, a new JavaScript framework is born? And every other day, a new translation format follows. These jokes are not that far from reality, so we keep up with the buzz and add new formats or modifications of the already supported. Check the long list of them.
  • We migrated the largest Weblate instance to the new infrastructure and PostgreSQL. Everybody appreciates faster and more comfortable service, right? To keep this ball running, we tuned application performance multiple times on the backend and frontend.
  • Postgres is Weblate’s favorite DB now. You can still try to make a pair with different ones, but it simply doesn’t go that well.
  • We have overcome the 3.11 version number with a pretty well working piece of software. And we are over 4 now!
  • API was a hit in 2020, so if you use it for a long time, check and try the new options if you didn’t already.
  • Like many other developers and admins, Weblate likes whales. In all shapes and architectures. Check the Docker hub, pick yours, don’t let them flow away!
  • We also knew that you like nice things, so we are improving the look of Weblate continuously. The next batch of shine will come in early 2021.
  • Last, but not least, translation editor now highlightes XML, HTML, Markdown and reStructuredText syntaxes.

What lookback would it be without numbers! So here we count:

  • 16 releases
  • 8678 commits from 352 contributors in the Weblate GitHub repository. What a lovely growing community!
  • Weblate surpassed two K stars on GitHub and stopped on 2187. With 569 forks, it’s quite a party! Cheers!
  • 846 issues were created, and 845 closed. We left that one for the year number.

Thank you very much to all contributors to the code and translations! Weblate wouldn’t be that amazing without you!

We started a swag shop for you. As we won’t meet you in person on FOSDEM this year, it might be the best chance to make yourself a proud Weblate fan.

Also, from January, you will get your monthly dose of Weblate libre news. The first release is already out with names like GNU Health and Collabora Office, Fedora or Libre Office, and we have mountain-size projects prepared for the second number!

So that was Weblate’s 2020, we hope you like it as we do. We believe that 2021 will be even shinier, bringing vast numbers of new features and lovely community members in developer, translator, and customer groups!

Let’s step in!