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4.6: improve and multiply

Benjamin Alan Jamie
19. apríl 2021

Weblate 4.6 is here with fancy changes and new features!

You can check the changelog in the docs and follow technical details of the complex features and setup guides. You will also find the milestone link with all GitHub issues there for every version from now on.


Weblate now uses Argon2 by default for hashing the passwords. To improve the comfort of the admins, recently improved rate-limiting was polished, so it shouldn’t be annoying anymore. Also, it is not applied to super users, and you can change its parameters in Docker container now.

Performance improvements

While we are talking Docker, there is big news! Weblate is getting more and more popular in enterprise environments, so there is support for horizontal scaling the Docker deployment now. This feature is a technical preview at the moment and will be finished in the upcoming weeks. But imagine how much you will be able to translate!

Automatic translation addon also received improvements that make it more reliable; you can also specify the translation mode by changing the parameter of the auto_translate command.


Using API is now more convenient as the validation of parameters is more clever and also uses Weblate internal URLs by default. If you have a large-scale solution, using them can be a huge help!

New and better

We started new metrics. Weblate now measures all objects, and we gathered all the information about the activity and trends of your translations into one place, giving them a fresh look. Check how it looks for Weblate.

The new translation file format supported in this version is Text files.

Two handy tweaks for admins for the end: They can modify the sender’s parameters of the contact form messages, and Language consistency addon is now named Add missing languages to better describe its capabilities.

If you like to do some peeking before updating, peek at Hosted. Extended support owners already got the message from us, and the update is on the way. Customers with servers hosted by us will receive the update today’s evening; see the planned update window. Wanna feel the same comfort? Just ask the Weblate team to help you, not only with updates!

If you want to discuss the new version or anything else, you are welcome. If you’re going to tell the world about Weblate, Twitter is a good place to do.

That’s 4.6, have a great day!