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New Weblate: it is major, it’s 4.0

Benjamin Alan Jamie
16 april 2020

It is here! Another version of Weblate, with a version number we could have puns on Windows again. But we will drop it today. We are better than that.

TL;DR version is prepared in docs as always; if you wish to know every detail, look into the milestone in GitHub.

So, the things we dropped. As we proclaimed in October, Python 2 is no longer supported, which enables us to make Weblate less complicated. Python 3.6 or newer is now supported. We wanted to do the same things with MySQL, but some members of our community persuaded us no to do that. So you can still use MySQL, but PostgreSQL is the best friend with Weblate. Using this highly recommended combination brings you way faster response, better system resources management, happier users (and admins and developers, and CFOs in case of electricity bills). The reason why we get rid of any other database was hugely supported by the performance advantages connected not only to the search feature. Speaking the search, it is well improved in its capabilities too. To finish the performance topic, we want to mention completely rewritten translation memory backend. The outcome can be seen during its importing or everyday usage while translating. That means more content translated in less time! Who wouldn't like it?

The next big thing is support for intermediate language and source reviews to allow proofreading of strings provided by developers. This is a new way to tune-up your translation workflow and make translations more shiny! We also improved some checks to handle i18next files and work with percent placeholders better.

The last thing is the matter of connection to Weblate. Several new API extensions let you manage screenshots, users, their groups, components lists, and more. If you are an API person, check them all and feel free to create a new issue if you want to have another API improvement.

We are proud of all the work done on this major version. If you share our enthusiasm, tell the world on Twitter or anywhere else. Did you find a bug? Tell us so we can smash it instantly! If you want help with an upgrade or anything, look on our premium support options.

Happy and libre translating!