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Copylefted libre software, used by over 1.500 libre software projects and companies in over 115 countries.

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Hosted service and standalone tool with tight version control integration. Simple and clean user interface, propagation of translations across components, quality checks and automatic linking to source files.

1.274 translations just now
Έργο CalyxOS
3.617 translations just now
Έργο OsmAnd
7.646 translations just now
740 translations just now
Έργο App Manager
293 translations just now
Έργο Webcamoid
2.599 translations just now
Έργο Godot Engine
370 translations recently
Έργο Family Gem
1.042 translations recently
806 translations recently
Έργο wallabag
584 translations recently
Έργο Liberapay
68.398 μεταφράσεις
τις τελευταίες 7 ημέρες

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Turris SonicPi openSUSE phpMyAdmin Freedombox
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Source strings 1.000
Languages 15
Projects 1
Components Απεριόριστο
€ 19
Save 13%€ 199
Source strings 5.000
Languages 30
Projects 2
Components Απεριόριστο
€ 49
Save 15%€ 499
Source strings 10.000
Languages 60
Projects Απεριόριστο
Components Απεριόριστο
€ 99
Save 16%€ 999
Source strings 50.000
Languages 100
Projects Απεριόριστο
Components Απεριόριστο
€ 299
Save 17%€ 2.999


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Source strings Απεριόριστο
Languages Απεριόριστο
Projects Απεριόριστο
Components Απεριόριστο
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Source strings 10.000
Languages 90
Projects 1
Components Απεριόριστο
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